An eight hour curfew has been imposed in Dacca Municipal limits from 10 Wednesday night to guard against possible hooliganism and lawlessness under an order issued by Martial Law Authorities according to an official announcement, reports APP.


Earlier, the curfew was scheduled to be reimposed from 7 last evening to 7 this morning.

According to reports received in Dacca a 24-hour curfew has been imposed at Rangpur town from 2-30 p.m. while in Sylhet town an eleven and half an hour curfew from 7-30 p.m. has been following some untoward incidents that took place in both the towns yesterday.

Sabur meets Mujib

Khan Abdus Sabur, former secretary general of Pakistan Muslim League (Qayyum), last evening met Mujib, at the latter's Dhanmondi residence.

Khan Sabur told the newsmen after the talks that they had free exhange of views on the present political and economic issues.

Source: Morning News, 4 March '71