The Chairman, Board of Trade explained the scheme for Marketing of jute of Bangladesh. The various correspondences that they have been made with Foreign Trade Agencies were also mentioned to the Cabinet.

While examining the scheme submitted by the Ministry of Finance, the Cabinet made the following observations:

1. The interests of the country must be ensured;

2. The Board of Trade or the Government Agency should not go in for internal procurement of jute

3. Defence personnel should not be involved in the procurement of or export of jute. The Cabinet also high-lighted the distinction between trade with India and trade with countries other than India.

The proposed delegation for talks on trade matters with the India Government would have to deal with these two matters xp separately. Under the present circumstances we ought to request the Govt. of India for granting transit facilities for Bangladesh exports and imports. There were certain political questions involved in the matter of trade with India and trade with other countries, it was pointed out.

The Cabinet decided that the Minister for Trade and Commerce would be authorised to send either a Trade Delegation or an official Delegation for talks at Government levels only Keeping in view the requirements warranted by the observations made by the Cabinet.

Under the Miscellaneous head, the Cabinet discussed

various problems being faced by the Zonal Administrative Councils in the discharge of their duties. The Chairmen of the North-East Zone I, Zonal Administrative Council and the North

Zonal Administrative Council, Dewan Farid Gazi, MNA and M. Met ur

Rahman, MNA were present on special invitation. They explained

various difficulties being faced on the field. After having heard

the two Chairmen, the Cabinet decided to take the following steps:

(a) The Cabinet would address letters of congratulations to the newly elected Chairmen of the Zonal Administrative Councils, advising thein to go ahead with their work and also assuring them of the Govt.'s support and assistance;

(b) The Home Minister would address letters to the Chief Ministers of Assam and Meghalaya requesting her to take measures for the free movement of the Bangladesh INAs and MPAs for the release of transports, for accommodation and other facilities;

(c) A token amount of Rs. 5,000/- (five thousand) would be granted 'for Reception Camps under the North-East Zone I; and,

(d) Measures should be taken for screening officials working in the Reception Camps and the matter wout be referred to the Chairman of the Youth Camps Boat of control.

account and placed at the disposal of the Prime Minister Minister for Health). The fund would be released by the Ministry of Finance on the basis of requisition from the Prime Minister.

E.The Minister for Finance, Trade & Commerce, reported on the latest development in respect of trade negotiation with the Government of India and its agencies, it was decided that the Chairman of the Board of Trade and commerce and bhe Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Trade & Commerce would carry on further negotiation with the Government of India and the State Trading Corporation of India regarding the export of Jute and other committees.


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