AGENDA No. 1 Care of dependents of Shahids and disabled soldiers etc.

The Acting President was in the chair. The Prime Minister and all other ministers were present. The Defence Secretary attended by special invitation. The cabinet Secretary was also present.

The Cabinet approved the scheme in principle. It was decided that 3(three) improvised homes for the disabled soldiers will be established immediately - one each in the Eastern, Northern and Western Sectors - at proper places as a matter of extreme urgency and to tide over the present difficulties. An amount of Rs. 50,000/- (Rs, fifty thousand) was sanctioned for this purpose. It was further decided that civil officers or ex-defence personnel Will be attached to each Sector Commander for this purpose and also for disbursement of pension etc.

AGENDA NO. 2: Procurement of winter clothing for the Mukti Bahini

The Acting President presided. The Prime Minister and all other cabinet Ministers attended. The Defence secretary was present on special invitation. Ine Cabinet Secretary was also present.

The scheme was discussed and approved by the Cabinet. An amount of Rs.7/- lakhs (Rs. seven lakhs) was sanctioned on this account.


The Acting President presided. thePrime minister and all other cabinet ministers were presem. a verenco Secretary was asso present. The cabinet Secretary also attended the meeting

The scheme as submitted by the Ministry of Defence was approved. It was, however, decided by the Cabinet that The Defence Secretary would try to procure winter clothing for the boys of Youth Camps and Reception Comps through the Rehabilitation Department of the supporting Government.

The fund sanctioned by the Cabinet for the purpose will be utilised only if this source fails to supply winter clothing for the boys.

AGENDA NO. 4. 5&6:

Postponed till next Cabinet meeting.

AGENDA No. 7. "Sanction or additional stuff for border zones"

The paper was withdrawn by the Ministry of Home

AGENDA N. 8. "Training of 16 cadets of police of 1971".

The paper was withdrawn by the Home Minister.

AGENDA NO. 9: "supply of uniforms for the police personnel'.

the Acting President presided. The prime minister and all other members of the Gabinet attended the meeting. The Cabinet Secretary was also present.

It was pointed out that the question of supply of uniform to any particular branch of the Government could not be decided in isolation.

Moreover, uniforms could not be Divided to the members of the Police forces without selecting the uniform for them together with the badges etc.

It was decided that uniforms for all the branches of the Defence Forces as well as civil armed forces including Police and other services will have to be select immediately.

The cabinet decided that a committee, as shown below, should submit their recommendations to the Cabinet regarding the choice of uniform for various services.

In the matter of choosing designs and colour of the uniform for various Services the Committee will keep In view the cost Involved, the availability of the material, its durability and other factors.

The committee also consulted various experts in the field while making their recommendations to the Cabinet.


1. The 6-in-C.

2. The Secretary, Ministry of Defence.

3. The Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs.

4. The Director, Arts & Designs.

Regarding the designs for badges submitted by the Home Ministry, the Cabinet decided that more designs should be prepared and submitted to the Cabinet as the present ones did not come up to the required standard,


Withdrawn by the Home Minister.

AGENDA NO 11 12 13

Postponed till next Cabinet meeting.


The Cabinet considered the present pay-scales, allowances and other facilities of the JOOSana viner Hanks of ene Bangladesh Fighting Forces and decided that the JOOS and Other Ranks be given an allowance of Rs. 50/- per JOO OR, In addition to their present salary of Rs. 150/- and Rs. 75/ respectively with effect from the month of October, payable on lst of November 1971, The Ministry of Defence should make arrengement for regular payment from November 1, 1971.


Mr. A.Rahim, MPA, Chairman, North-West (I) Zone The Administrative Council submitted his report on the condition of the liberated areas to the cabinet.

The Cabinet considered his various suggestions and took the following decisions :

i) Regarding the registration of Bangladesh citizens in India, It was decided to request the Govt. of India for extension of time and also żor making special arrangement for Extension of the women who are required to que up for a long

time now.

ii) Arrangement should be mave zor collection and sate-keeping of arms surrounded by Jakars.

iii) Village volunteers should be encouraged to help the zonal Administration, the Police and civil authorities in maintaining law and order in the liberated areas.


Mr. Adaus Samad Azad, MNA, submitted a report on his recent visit to the United Kingdom and also to the U.S.A. as a Member of the Bangladesh Delegation to the U.N.

The Cabinet accepted Mr. Azad's suggestion regarding audit of Bangladesh fund in U.N. and decided that Mr. Lutful Matin, former Director of Accounts in the Pakistan High Commission at London, who has pledged his allegiance to the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh should be appointed to audit all the Bangladesh accounts in the United Kingdom.


decided that a list of uncared for and displaced women from Bangladesh should be immediately prepared by tnc Health Secretary and, if the number is found to be considerable, a few elderly locals be appointed to look after the women. It was further decided that the Health Secretary WiI takes necessary action in consultation with Col. Luthra who has promised necessary help to the ForeignMinister.

সূত্র: এইচ. টি. ইমাম এর লেখা বই "বাংলাদেশ সরকার ১৯৭১"