The Acting president was in the chair. The Prime Minister and other Cabinet Members attended. The Cabinet Secretary was present.

The Health Secretary also attended the meeting by special invitation to place his scheme for the Medical Care of the Mukti Bahini.


At the beginning, the Cabinet discussed about the serious difficulties being faced in organising and streamlining the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

It was observed that the Defence Secretary was already too much pre-occupied with his own work and hence, could not devote his attention to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, in addition to his own duties.

The Cabinet, therefore, decided that Mr. Anwarul Ha que Khan, Officer on Special Duty, Ministry of Finance, Trade and commerce, would be appointed as Secretary in charge of Information and Broadcasting for the time being.

The Finance Minister was pleased to agree to release Mr.A.M,Khan with immediate effect.


A scheme for the Medical Care and Welfare of the injured Mukti Bahini members as well as the dependents of the Shaheed, submitted by the Ministry of Defence, was placed before the Cabinet and considered.

The Cabinet approved the Scheme in principle. as, however, decided to implement only the essential parts of it. viz. these dealing with the treatment of the wounded and provision for their pocket allowances e allowances, the provision in the disabled, the burial/cremation of the dead and pension for the dependents of the Shaheed.

It was also decided to engage only the absolute minimum number of personnel for implementing the decision.


The Health Secretary submitted his requirements for the Defence Medical budget.

It was decided to open a new head of account under the title "Health (Defence Medical Service) Accounts' '.

An amount of rupees ten lacs (Rs. 10 lakhs) was sanctioned under this head of account.

It was also decided that fund under this sanction (that is Isoten lacs) would be placed at the disposal of the Prime Minister (Minister for Defence and Health) and that this fund would be drawn only by the Prime Minister on the basis of requirements.

As the counter-part agencies are supposed to provide medical cover for members of the Mykti Bahini the Cabinet decided that this sanction would be utilized only in urgent and pressing cases.

The Minister for Finance will please release funds on the basis of requisition from the Prime Minister.


On the civil health side it was pointed out that eleven Zonal Health Officers were required for the zones.

These posts, it was decided, would be filled in immediately.

To cover the requirements on the civil side it was decided to open another new head of account under the title "Health (Civil Medical Service) Account".

An amount of As. 5,50,000/ at the rate of Rs.50,000/- per zone was sanctioned under this account and placed at the disposal of the Prime Minister (Minister for Health).

The fund would be released by the Ministry of Finance on the basis of requisition from the Prime Minister.


The Minister for Finance, Trade & Commerce, rupe

reported on the latest development in respect of trade

negotiation with the Government of India and its agencies. It

was decided that the Chairman of the Board of Trade and

Commerce and the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Trade

& Commerce would carry on further negotiation with the

Government of India and the State Trading Corporation of India

regarding the export of jute and other commitidios.


সূত্র: এইচ. টি. ইমাম এর লেখা বই "বাংলাদেশ সরকার ১৯৭১"