Agenda No. 1

Regarding the problems or the zonal Administrative council, the following decisions were taken :

a) The headquarter of the South-East Zone I will be shifted from Sabroom to Udaipur;

b) The new Zones will be created by splitting the present West and South Zones. The reconstituted zones will be named as west zone I and west zone II; south-west Zone I and South-West Zone II. The present set-up in these areas will be as follows :

1. West zone I ... Dinajpur & Bogra will need a quarter at Balurghat.

2. West Zone II ... Rajshahi with headquarters at Malda.

3. South-West Zone I ... Pabna and Kushtia with Headquarter at Krishnanagar.

4. South-West ... zone di Jessore and Faridpur with headquarters at Bongaon.

It was further decided by the Cabinet that the Prime Minister and the Minister for Home Affairs W111 jointly consider the various resolutions submitted by different Zones and take decisions on them on behalf of the cabinet. It was also decided that elections in the new zones, Vig, West Zone I, West Zone II, South-west zone I and South-West Zone II, will be held on September 26, 1971. The date of election for the South Zone, the South-East Zone I and South-East Zone II will be decided later. The Home Minister was authorised to consult Mr. Zahur Ahmed Choudhury in connection with the affair of south-East zone and South-east zone II.

Agenda No. 2

The Cabinet reaffirmed its earlier decision that normally all class i and class ii appointments under the GOVT. Of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, including those at the zonal level, Will be made by the Government within the approved structure. Normally appointments to class I and class II ... posts Will be made by the Establishment Branch that is, the General Administration Department. Appointments to all class I posts will be made by the Minister-in-charge or establishment that is the Prime Minister himself, Appointments to class II posts may be made by the secretary of the General Administration Department.

Ministers may appoint class I and class II officers under exceptional circumstances, but with the concurrence of the Minister-in-charge of Establishment, that is, the Prime Minister.

While discussing the special problems of the North_East Zones (Zone No. I & Zone No.II), the Acting President expressed his desire that funds for these two Zones should be placed with them at a time in view of their special problems of convocation. The question of condition of the Bangladesh MNAs and MPAs and other evacuees in Burma was also raised in the Cabinet meeting, It was mentioned that the matter had already been taken up with the Government of India. It was decided that the Foreign Secretary would be requested to pursue the matter.

While discussing the problems of the Zonal Councils, the cabinet also took up the proposal for the creation of a post of Vice-Chairman for the Zonal Councils as requested by the Members of the North-East Zone I.

It was decided that this issue should be considered along with all other resolutions adopted by the various councils.

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