To make all-out efforts to ascertain the whereabouts of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Every possible step was to be taken by the Government to ensure his safety in case the arrest of the great leader was confirmed, as claimed by the Pakistan Government;


Regarding the management of the fund, it is decided that all credit advanced by the Govt. of India would be immediately transferred to the account of the finance minister without going into the question of the nationality of the depositor and future of the fund at this stage;


During the absence of the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister on their visit to Delhi, the Acting President and the Finance Minister would remain in charge of the portfolios of the Prime Minister and the foreign ministers respectively;


The Finance Minister was Authorised to take up the matter of shifting the Ministers' residence to a safer place. For this purpose he was requested to contact some officials on the other side and visit the proposed place of residence; and,


That in the absence of the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister, the Members of the cabinet present at Mujibnogor were authorized to select o Awami League Sector Leaders.

সূত্র: এইচ. টি. ইমাম এর লেখা বই "বাংলাদেশ সরকার ১৯৭১"