The deposits of the Bangladesh money would be collected and exchanged for local currency Immediately;


Mr. Samad was selected to represent Bangladesh in the Peace Conference. He was to be assisted by another delegate;


The Prime minister and the Foreign Minister would liaison with Mr. Mahar and other political contacts;


Regarding the Armed forces, it was decided that a statement of available officers would be prepared by the C-in-C. The Army Command was to be unified and brought under strict discipline. Proper care would be taken for the selection of suitable trainees for the Bangladesh Forces;


It was decided that a three-member Committee on Information and Broadcasting would be appointed. The name of Dr. A. Mannen, MNA, as Chairman of the Committee, was considered;


All selected Members of the National and Provincial Assemblies and Members of the working Committee would receive an amount of s.150/- per month for maintenance. The Members were instructed to maintain close contact with the people of Bangladesh and make all possible efforts to alleviate the sufferings of the people, especially their constituents;


The Cabinet decided that under very pressing circumstances, the Members of the Cabinet might be allowed advance from the Exchequer;

সূত্র: এইচ. টি. ইমাম এর লেখা বই "বাংলাদেশ সরকার ১৯৭১"