1. Distribution of Portfolios:

Home Tajuddin Ahmed - Prime Minister

(a) Defence

(b) Information, Broadcasting, and Communication.

(c) Economic Affairs, Planning & Development.

(d) Education, Local Self-Govt, Health Labour, and Social Welfare.

(e) All other subjects not assigned to any other member of the Cabinet.

Khandakar Noshtaque Ahmed -

(a) Foreign Affairs,

(b) Law and Parliamentary Affairs.

Mr. Me Mansoor All -

(a) Finance & Revenue.

(b ) Commerce & Industries.

(c) Transportation.

Marie A. H. Me Kamaruzzaman -

a) Interior.

(b) Supply, Relief & Rehabilitation.

(c) Agriculture


civil employees should be paid their salaries out of the available funds of Bangladesh Treasury in accordance with the following rates:-

(a)Class IV & Class III employees - full pay.

(b) Class II employees - less than 20% subject to a maximum of 5.400/-

(c) class I employees - less than 25% subject to a maximum of Rs, 500/- p.m.


Mr. M.R.Siddiqui is authorized to operate on the Bangladesh fund available at Eastern Sector for payment of salaries to the civil employees,

It is further decided that Nir.M.R.Siddiqui will kindly render his services as Advidor to the Ministry of Commerce & Industries.


The local liaison should be contacted for arrangement of an early meeting of the P.M. and F.M. of Bangladesh with the F.M. of India.


It is decided that adequate arrangements should be made by the C-in-C in conjunction with the supporting authorities for the training of students and youths for various operational tasks in Bangladesh. MOSSIS S.K.Fazlul Haq(Moni), Serajul Alam Khan, Tofayel Ahmed, and Abdur Razzłaque are authorized to do the needful in this regard,


Mr. Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury is entrusted with the job of mobilizing the organizational strength of Awami League for political offensive within Bangladesh.


Approved the plan of C-in-C for quick collection of cash from Banks and Treasury vaults of Bangladesh to prevent its fall into the hands of the enemy. A Board of two officers of the armed forces will collect and hand the cash over to friends in safe zone against proper receipts,


A Bank account should be opened in the personal name of the Finance Minister under the arrangement made with the liaison


In order to co-ordinate and channelize relief operation a Relief Committee is hereby constituted as follows :

i) Relief Minister ...... Chairman(ex-ofticio)

ii) Prof. M. Yousuf Ali ....... Secretary.

iii) Al-haj Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury…… Member.

iv) Mr. A. Samad … … Member.

v) Mr. Sohrab Hossain Member.


It is decided that a relief Account, separate from the general fund, should be opened under the designation of Bangladesh Relief Fund. The Chairman and the Secretary of the Relief Committee will jointly or severally operate on the a/c.

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