It was decided that, for the time being an Acting Secretary-General to the Government would be appointed and this appointment would be on a purely temporary basis. The Cabinet was please to select Mr. Ruhul Quddus for this purpose and decided to appoint him to the post with immediate effect.



Memo No......./ Cab. Dated Dec. 7, 1971.

Forwarded to:

1. PS to the Acting President.

2. PS to the Prime Minister.

3. PS to the Finance Minister.

4. PS to the Foreign Minister.

5. PS to the Home Minister.

6. Mr. Ruhul Quddus.

7. All Secretaries.

8. The Secretary, GA Department, with request to make necessary office accommodation and staff support for the Acting Secretary General. The Prime Minister has desired that the Acting Secretary-General's office should be located in the Prime Minister's office building.

(H. T. Imam )

Cabinet Secretary.


সূত্র: এইচ. টি. ইমাম এর লেখা বই "বাংলাদেশ সরকার ১৯৭১"