The Executive committee of the Dacca Chamber of Commerce and Industries yesterday by a resolution urged president Yahya to immediately withdraw martial law, convene the National Assembly and hand over power to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

The Dacca C.C.I. in its meeting in Dacca reiterated its complete faith in the leadership of Sheikh Mujib, and extended fullest co-operation and support of the business community during the critical "juncture of Bangla Desh.

The committee donated Rs. 10,000 to the families of those martyrs who lost their lives as a result of recent firings.


Bangla Desh People's Party dissociates from PPP

The East Pakistan People's Party has decided that it should no longer be associate with PPP (Pakistan People's Party) and decides to declare EPPP (East Pakistan People's Party) as an independent organisation in the new name "Bangla Desh Peoples Party" Mr. Garib Newaz, general secretary of the Bangla Desh People's Party said here in a press statement.

Mr. Garib's statement drafted under "the Pakistan People's Party letter-head with Bangla Desh overwritten on Pakistan said the decision was taken in view of Pakistan People's Party chair, Mr. Z.A. Bhutto's negative role in the country's politics since his last visit to Dacca.

Mr. Garib Newaz also appealed to leaders of Bangla Desh to come under the guidance of popular leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

On Mr. Bhutto's recent activities he said, it clearly indicates that instead of following democratic principles he has started behaving like an autocrat disregarding the just demand of Bangla Desh. "Had he been behaving democratically, he should have accepted unconditionally the verdict of the majority people of Pakistan" he said. He is rather creating all these disturbances in the country. It is really unfortunate to note that the staunch followers of integrity are out to shatter the solidarity and integrity of Pakistan alleged adding, the people of Bangla Desh will at all not be responsible if the integrity is lost.


AL opens control room

A press release issued by the Awami League in Dacca yesterday said, the news item published on March 5 in some local dailies regarding the formation of peace committees of Awami League is incorrect. The Awami League has also no such telephone numbers (251342-242735) as were published in newspapers.

On the other hand Awami League opened a control room for maintaining peace and discipline in the city. People have been asked to dial the following telephone numbers in case of emergency : 252174-252939.

Pressmen have also been requested to contact Awami League on telephone no. 254733 in connection with press notification.