Lahore March 6 (APP) : Nawab Zada Sher Ali Khan, former minister for Information and National Affairs has asked president General Yahya Khan to immediately go to East Pakistan to meet Sheikh Mujib and other leaders of that wing.


Nawabzada expressed the hope that Mujib like a true Muslim and in view of his role in the Pakistan movement would uphold solidarity in the country and Islam. The protection of the country and ideology of Pakistan rested on him more because he was a leader of the majority party.

Tongi firing condemned

Mr. Sirajul Hossain Khan general secretary of Purba Pakistan Sramik Federation issued the following statement in Dacca yesterday.

I strongly condemn theunprovoked firing and brutal killing of workers in the tongi industrial area by army and demand public trial and punishment for the officials responsible for this inhuman action.

I demand payment of adequate compensation for the martyrs and the injured workers. I must say that the blood of the martyr would not go in vain.