Lahore March 6 (APP) : President of the Quaid-e-Azam Society, Mr. M.A. Falahi yesterday asked the government to issue a white paper showing the economic position of all. The provinces of Pakistan at the time of Independence and their development thereafter.

In a statement to the press; Mr. Falahi observed that the basis for the separatist tendencies in a part of the country was the persistent propaganda about the alleged injustice to that part of the country.


This was vigorously refuted by experts but it was not understandable as to why no political party from West Pakistan challegead this basis at the proper time, although at present everybody is grief- striken at the result of it and appeared to be dead set against any thought of injuring the integrity of the state.

It had to be remembered, said Mr. Falahi that Quaid-e-Azam with the support of the Muslim people and the backing of a century's thinking and struggle of Muslim leaders of the subcontiaent, created this stste when there was no State and the Pakistan army that was incharge of the destiny of the pressure against the oneness of the two wings of the country. They should be wary of the verdict of history if they succumb to it, he added.

It was correct, Mr. Falahi said, that the present constitutional impasse was the outcome of incorrect politics. The solution was not that the muslims should begin to Think in terms of separation but instead they must employ their assertive genius for correcting politics which could be done by taking suitable steps for purifying it from the geographic quagmire of destructive territorial nationalism so that it should once again embrace the unsurpassable Islamic principles of the Pakistan movement.