Rawalpindi, March 5 (APP): The Pakistan People's Party will continue its struggle safeguarding the unity of Pakistan and the "forces for further development in the opposite direction shall be clearly on those who want to maintain exploitation." The PPP spokeman, Mr. Abdul Hafeez Pirzada said here this afternoon.

He was talking to newsmen after a meeting between president Yahya Khan and the PPP chairman Mr. Zulfiker Ali Bhutto.


The meeting was also attended by PPP leaders J.A. Rahim, Ghulam Mustafa Khan and Hafeez Pirzada.

Mr. Pirzada said the PPP leaders had "detailed and threadbare" discussions with the president in the context of the present worst ever "crisis in the 23 year history of the country. The PPP he said had requested for a brief postponement of the National Assambly session to have an opportunity for further dialogue with the Awami league in order to find out whether there was any scope for a negotiated settlement or compromise on the basis of the Six-point formula of that party and, further, in case of a the Awami League, what was going to be the constitutional arrangment under which we could live together.

He said the postponement of the session did not mean dissolution of the National Assembly or destruction of all that we had worked out. The machinery for framing the constitution was there in fact and it was only a short delay in the commencement of the session.


Unfortunately, Mr. Pirzada said, the reaction to the postponement was most unwarranted judged by any standards. Such a reaction from East Pakistan Awami League was not at all justified, he added.