The Awami League chief, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, yesterday called upon the MNAs-elect from West Pakistan to come to Dacca for framing a constitution and said, "If any member presents to the Assembly something just and reasonable we will accept it."

Speaking at a colourful reception held in his honour by the Dacca Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Awami League chief said that the best place for discussion on problems and the country is the National Assembly. "Let us come and discuss — president Yahya has given 120 days' time.


In an oblique reference to the PPP chief, Mr. Bhutto, Sheikh Mujib said, "they with 83 members are threatening not to come here". What if I with my 160 members do not go?" he said.

He said that the members of the National Assembly have been elected by the people for framing the constitution and not for giving any assurance to anyone. The Awami League cannot give any assurance on the Six-points, because, he reminded, the Six-points had now become the property of seven crore people.

The Awami League chief said that problems could not be solved by demanding prior assurance. Awami League had placed Six-points not only for Bengal. "What we want for Bengalees, we want the same for Sindhis, Baluchis, Pathans and Punjabs."

The rights of freedom and autonomy which we demand for Bengal on the basis of Six -points, are also our demands for the Pubjab, Sind, Frontier and Baluchistan. When I speak for the poor and oppressed people of Bangla Desh, I speak also for the oppressed people of the Punjab, Baluchistan, Frontier and Sind. "Then why do you hesitate to accept it (Six-point Programme)?", he said.


The Awami League chief criticised those who raised the bogey Pakistan in danger and declared amidst cheers that Pakistan would continue to stay and so the Bangla Desh, the Punjab, Sind, NWFP and Baluchistan and other parts of West Pakistan. He said, "So long they used to call us a secessionist. Today we are not secessionists. As we become the majority it is others who have now become secessionists."

Giving a detailed account of the continued exploitation on the people of Bangla Desh during the last 23 years, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman said, "Pakistan would not cease to exist. What would cease to exist is the exploitation of man by man.

Source: MORNING NEWS, Monday, March 1, 1971