Rawalpindi, March 6 (APP) : Mr. Z. A. Bhutto, Chairman of PPP announced here this afternoon that his party would attend the National Assembly session being held on March 25.

He told a press conference that his party was still prepared to hold further dialogue with the Awami League on six points, which, according to him, will be useful.


Mr. Bhutto said that within the limits under which a political party had to function the PPP did its best to seek a broad consensus on principles of Constitution before the Naional Assembly session.

He said the PPP felt that the points of views which were difficult and of fundamental .naturehad to be reconciled before and without which more complications could arise and the fate of the Assembly itself could be reorganized.

We had to mobilise public opinion in West Pakistan and try to come as close to six points as possible, he said. We had to do necessary preliminary work to see to it that the Assembly succeeds in framing a Constitution agreeable to all provinces.