Complete hartal was observed throughout Bangla Desh for the third day and in Dacca for the foruth consecutive day yesterday in response to a call by Mujib protesting against the postponement of the National Assebbly Session.

There was complete peace in the city and till late last night no untoward incident was reported from any part of the city firing in Tongi by forces on duty however disturbed the near-normal situation that was setting down last following appeal by Mujib to maintain law and order.

Meetings were held and processions were brought out to protest against the postponement of the National Assembly session and also to condemn the killing of large number of unarmed and innocent people of Bangladesh.


In response to a directive by Mujib issued in Dacca on Thursday the government and non-government officers and banks functioned for two hours— from 2.30 p.m. to 4-30 p.m. —after the strike period; for the purpose of disbursement of the salaries of the employees working in offices and other organisations the tate Bank of Pakistan also functioned for two hours after hartal period.

The telephone service in Bangladesh was also partially restored as empleyees of the telephone Dept. who were boycotting work returned in response to a directive by the Awami League chief. Telegram-service was alsopartially restored.

The government, semi government and offices of autonomous bodies and private organisations remained totally closed as the employees stayed out.

The roads were deserted as the vehices went off the streets during the strike period. Only a few vehicles belonging to hospitals, press, doctors, water and electricity supply department plied on the roads.

After the strike period the city returned to near-normal condition. A few private service buses plied on the main roads. Some of the shops and business established also opened after hartal period.

In the various meetings held in different parts of the city the people pledged to lay down their lives for the fulfilment of their cherished goal— emancipation of the people of Bangladesh. They also reiterated their faith in Mujib's leadership. Demands for immediate withdrawal of martial law summoning of the National Assembly session at Dacca, handing over power to majority party in Pakistan were also raised in the meetings.

The Students League brought out a "lathi procession" from Baitul Mukarram in the afternoon and paraded the main thoroughfares of the city. A brief meeting was also held before the procession.


A public meeting at the central Shaheed Minar organised by the East Pakistan Students Union (Wali Group) urged the people to resist the conspirancy which was being hatched at various levels against the people of Bangladesh. Speakers in the meeting strongly condemned the firings in various parts of Bangladesh resulting in many deaths and many more injured.

Writers, housewives

The Pakistan Writers Guild also held a meeting and expressed concern over the postponement of the National Assembly session. They also brought out procession and paraded the city street.

The Khilgaon Land Distribution Committee also organised a rally in the evening before Baitul Makarram. The processionists parade the main thoroughfares pf the city raising various slogans.

The Airway Employees Union had chalked out the following programme: March 6 -procession at 2 p.m. from the union's Airport Road office; March 7 the union will bring out a procession at 12 noon and will proceed to Race Course where Mujib will address a mass rally at 2 p.m.