Leaders of different political parties and public opinion in the city in separate statement yesterday strongly resented the postponement of the National Assembly session which was to begin in Dacca from March 3.

Mr. Nurul Amin, president of Pakistan Democratic Party, said "postponement of the National Assembly session " receded the prospect of forming the country's constitution and transfer of power to the elected representatives of the people as scheduled.


Mr. Nurul Amin, in a statement, said he was ' stunned' at the sudden announcement of postponement of the sitting of the National Assembly indefinitely.

He urged upon the president to call the Assembly without delay and reiterated his appeal to the members elected from different parts of West Pakistan irrespective of their Party affiliations to attend the Assembly when called and frame a constitution of our beloved country.

Mr. Ataur Rahman Khan, President of Pakistan National League in a statement said, "I am terribly shocked to hear the announcement that the long awaited session of the National Assembly has been postponed. This is a complete disregard of the hopes and aspirations of the people who have given their unqualified verdict in the general elections and are keen to ensure implementation of the same at the earliest.


Professor Gholum Azam. Ameer, East Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islam in a statement said, "It is most unfortunate that the normal course of democracy has been obstructed at a time when the country was anxiously awaiting a government to be run by people's representatives.

"I don't consider that the postponement will at all improve the political situation. I think, 11 weeks' time after the election was sufficient enough for the political leaders to come to an understanding," he added.

He said that if the constitution was to be framed by political leaders alone, there was no need for any election at all. When the election was held, and the Assembly was summoned, the only proper course was to allow the session to be held on schedule. One hundred and twenty days' time limit would have been sufficient pressure on the representatives to come to necessary understanding. Therefore, the postponement of the Assembly session is entirely unjustified, The course of events over the past few days leading to this postponement clearly indicates that certain powerful elements are acting in collusion with Mr. Bhutto to destroy the integrity and solidarity of Pakistan.



Khan A. Sabur, Secretary General, Pakistan Muslim League (Qayyum) last night announced his resignation from the membership as well as the secretaryship of the organisation as a mark of protest against the viewpoints expressed by the party chief Khan Abdul Qayyum on the postponement of the session of the National Assembly, reports APP.

Expressing his "surprise" about the sudden postponement of the National Assembly session Khan Sabur in a statement said: It would have been most logical if the prior concurrence of the leader of the majority party would have been obtained before announcement of such postponement. In the event of disagreement between different party leaders, the session could be adjourned in order to give an opportunity to arrive at a consensus, he added.

The former leader of the House in the National Assembly said, the authorities should have taken into consideration of all pros and cons before the Assembly session date was announced.

Referring to the present political situation Khan Sabur called upon all political leaders to exercise maximum restrain and evaluate the situation in consonance with the wellbeing of the country and their elector. Khan Sabur appealed to General Yahya Khan to announce the fresh date as early as possible so that the viewpoints of different parties and leaders could be ventilated on the floor of the Assembly and thereby helping to build up the public opinion.

Other leaders

(I) Shafiqul Islam

(II) High Court Bar Association

(III) EPSU (Matia Group)


(V ) Huda

(VI) Oali Ahad

(VII) Sirajul Hossain

(VIII) Diwan Werasat

(IX) Serajul Huq

(X) DULANA (Mr. Mahuhbubul Haq)

Source: Morning News, 2 March '71