Islamabad March 5 (APP): Pakistan has received official version of president Nixon's recent policy statement containing references to Indo-Pakistan relations and the same is under study, officials said today.

Meanwhile, political observers noted that the use of the word 'hostility by the US president in the context of Indo-Pakistan relations seemed to be of significance. This, they said, meant that the US recognizes the existence of hostility between the two countries in the sub-continent and the need for ending it.


However, they pointed out the American president had not stated as to how the United States was going to remove the causes of hostility existence of basic disputes like Kashmir and Farrakka.

The observers also said it will be of interest to know as to what contributions the United States was willing to make to remove the reasons of hostility the continuance of basic disputes and their problems such as the Indian's arbitrary ban on flights by Pakistan planes over her territory.

The observers noted that while recognizing existence of hostility, the US president had made no mention of disputes which are responsible for unfriendly relations between Pakistan and India.

They said it would be natural for Pakistan to wish that president Nixon had also gone into the causes of the hostility.

UK investment in Pakistan

Karachi, March 5 (PPI): About 100 million pounds have been invested in Pakistan by Britain, according to a British Information press release here.

The British investments were more in East Pakistan than in the western wing.

Britain is a major supplier to the Pakistan market not only for goods and services but also for knowhow and technical expertise; last year British exports to Pakistan reached a record level of 54 million pounds.

Pakistan was also exporting a large quantity of jute manufactures and a cotton textiles to the U.K.


Asghar meets Mujib

Air Marshal (Rtd.) Asghar Khan, chief of Tehrik-I-Istiklal who arrived in Dacca yesterday, met the Awami League chief Sk. Mujib last evening at his Dhanmondi residence, reports APP.

Air Marshal Asghar Khan remained with the Sheikh for about 45 minutes. He plans to meet the Sheikh again this afternoon.