Mr. Nurul Amin, chief of Pakistan Democratic Party, while rejecting the invitation for the conference of the political leaders called by the president here on March 10 has urged upon the people to continue peaceful movement, reports APP.

In a statement he appealed to people not to deviate from the peaceful movement and to organise and co-operate with local committees to prevent acts of lawlessness committed on persons irrespective of caste, creed, local, or non-local.


He also urged the president to summon the Assembly immediately as every moment was defering the process of achieving the goal by the people through their elected respresentatives.

He said, "Another wrong step has been taken by calling a conference on 10th instant to resolve the constitutional issues.

Abul Hashim, a leader of Pakistan movement, T. Ali, a former control minister and Khwaja Khairuddin, president, East Pakistan Council Muslim League in a statement also urged the president to immediately convene the session of the National Assembly at Dacca for framing a constitution.