Rawalpindi, March 6 (APP) : The President, General A. M. Yahya Khan today announced his decission to summon the inaugural session of the 313 member National Assembly on March 25.

In a twelve and a half minute broadcast to the nation, the president said that the postponement of the date of the Assembly session from March 3 had been Completely misunderstood. The decision to postpone it was taken in the interest of preservation of Assembly itself, he added.


The president, however, made it "absolutely clear" that no matter what happens, as long as I am in command of the Pakistan Armed Forces and Head of the State. I will ensure complete and absolute integrity of Pakistan, let there be no doubt or mistake on this point.

He declared that he had a duty towards millions of people of East and West Pakistan to preserve this country. They expect this from me and I shall not fail them. I will not allow a handful of people to destroy the homeland of millions of innocent Pakistanis. It is a duty of the Pakistan Armed Forces to ensure the integrity, solidarity and security of Pakistan — a duty in which they have never failed.

Common Goal

The president listed his efforts to help the elected leaders in moving towards the attainment of our common goal which was and which continue to be a smooth transition towards a democratic way of life.

Of the proposed conference of all leaders of parliamentary groups in Dacca on March 10, the president said, "Unfortunately , however, in total disregard of my genuine and sincere efforts to bridge the gap between the various points of view, the response to my call has been rather discouraging particular by from the leader of our majority party, who, before the announcement over the radio had given the impression that he would not be a nerse to the idea of such a conference. His outright rejection was, therefore, both a surprise and a disappointment.