Dacca Betar Kendra resumed its transmission following an assurance from the authorities to the stuff that the full text of Mujib's Race Course speech will be broadcast on Monday morning. Dacca Beter Kendra was off the air during the third transmission on Sunday.

The recorded speech of Mujib was broadcast from the Dacca Station yesterday morning at 8-30 am. This was replayed by all the station in the province.


The members of the stuff of Radio Pakistan, Dacca, boycotted work during the third transmission on Sunday as Mujib's speech was not transmitted.

It may be pointed out here that the Dacca TV gave extension coverage to Mujib's rally at the Race Course on Sunday. Boycott by the local artistes and depleted staff have hit the Dacca TV hard.

They have been forced to reduce the length of their transmission. From Tuesday through Saturday last week the Dacca TV concluded its transmission immediately after the Bangali news bulletins at 9-15 P.M. carrying on with their reduced schedule with old recorded programmes.