Prof. Muzaffar Ahmed said, we reiterate our demand for transferring power to the elected representatives of the people. The conditions given by Mujib are minimum and just. And the Govt. means business, it should immediately accept the conditions laid down by him and thereby help restore normality in the country. We call upon the people to carry on the struggle peacefully and not to resort to violence and maintain peace, tranquility specially between the Bengalee and non-Bengalee people.


Plea to transfer power forthwith

The Pakistan Association for the aged and Institute of Griatric Medicine has appealed to president General Yahya Khan to forthwith transfer power to frame a constitution, reports ENA.

In a meeting of the Association held in Dacca yesterday the senior citizens expressed their strong resentment against the killing of the unarmed people at Dacca and other places in East Pakistan.

They also recorded their grave concern over the fast deteriorating economic and political situation in the province and were of the opinion that only immediate transfer of power to the representatives of the people and lifting of marshal law could save the country from an utter disaster.

The meeting offered fateha for all who laid down their lives during the last few days in upholding democratic rights of the people.

Presided over by Mr. M.A. Haque, the gathering was also addressed among others by Mr. A.R. M. Inamul Haq, Dr. A.K.M. Abdul Wahidless, Mr. Abdul Jabbar, Mrs. S. Najimunnessa and Mr. A. M. Zeauddin.