Mujib, yesterday reiterated his appeal for maintaining complete peace and discipline in their struggle for the realisation of the right of the 70 million people of Bangladesh.

Addressing a massive protest rally at Paltan Maidan Sheikh Mujib said, "Without discipline in movement you will only sacrifice life but will not be able to realise your demands."

The meeting held under joint sponsorship of East Pakistan Students League and the Jatiya Sramik League was organised to observe the day of National Mourning presided over by Nur-e-Alam Siddiqui; the rally was also addressed by Abdul Mannan of the Sramik League, Abdul Quddus Makhan of DUCSU and Shahjahan Siraj of EPSL.


In his call for maintenance of peace and discipline, Sheikh Mujib said that whoever lived in Bangladesh were sons of the soil. The non-Bengalees who lived here are "our sacred trusts" and we must give them full protection."

Condemning the acts of hooliganism, loot and arson that took place during the last few days, the Awami League chief said that the anti-social elements responsible or all these must be resisted and punished. He called upon the people and his party workers to form peace committees in their respective areas for maintenance of communal harmony.

The Awami League chief in his 15 minute speech gave a fresh call to the leaders of west wing to come and sit together for finding a solution to the existing constitutional crisis.


Mujib said that he wanted property and wellbeing of the poor masses of West Pakistan : "I want to live together like brothers," but the conspirators stood in the way. They do not want us to be together. They have exploited us up to the end and now they themselves want us to be separated.

The Sheikh, however, sounded a note of caution to those "refusing to frame the constitution together" and said that if they did not come we ourselves will frame the constitution."

Expressing his sympathy for the Shaheeds "of Tuesday night", he said , "unarmed people were killed".

He said firing on unarmed masses was nothing but an act of cowardice. "You cannot kill seven crore people if you can't leave us alone," he said.


The Awami League chief appealed to the martial law authorities to withdraw the Army to the barraks. He said that the armed forces had been raised on our money "not to kill the people of Bengal." If you fail to maintain law and order hand over the power to us. We know how to maintain peace and harmony," he said. The Awami League chief called for a non-violent and non-cooperation. Movement until power was handed over to Bangladesh.

Mujib while reiterating his party's programme for observance of hartal against postponement of the NA session called upon the people to stop paying all taxes and revenues till government changes its attitude.

He also asked the officials and employees of all government and other organisations to refrain from attending their duties. He, however, urged the people to maintain peace and to resist all sorts of lawlessness and anti-social activities.

March 7 Rally: Mujib said that he would address a rally on March 7 at Ramna Race Course. If the government does not change its mind by that time, he said, " I will make my announcement" in that meeting.

Source: Morning News, 4 March '71