Sheikh Mujibur Rahman yesterday said that he had been fully authorised by his Party's Parlimentary Party, which concluded its three-day session yesterday, to take any decision and declare anything on behalf of the people.


He told a press conference immediately after the parliamentary party's brief session: " Insha Allah you will hear the announcement in time".

He said that in the meeting the members renewed their pledge taken at the last Ramna Maidan and now stood ready to make every sacrifice for the cause of the people and the party programme. He said that they were also pledged for the emancipation of the people of Bangladesh.

Over 110 past MNAs present at the conference raised the slogan of " Joi Bangla" and "Banga Bandhu Zindabad".

The seven newly elected women MNAs were also present at the press conference.

Source: Morning News, 2 March '71