One hundred and twenty-eight teachers of the Dacca University have appealed to the people to frustrate the move by certain vested interests to push the country to a precipice.

In a joint statement issued in Dacca yesterday the teachers expressed their grave concern at the gradual deterioration of the political situation in the country.


It is now crystal clear that this exploiters and the vested interests are solely responsible for this situation. They are engaged in frustrating the political and economic demands of the oppressed people of East Bengal, the teachers said.

The teachers regretted that the National Assembly session had to be postponed on the unreasonable demands from certain known political forces of Pakistan.

The teachers of the D.U. had met on Tuesday to protest against the postponement of the National Assembly session. In the meeting presided over by Prof. Sarwar Murshid pledged itself to lend its full support to the struggle for right of self -determination of the people of East Bengal.

Yesterday the teachers held another meeting at the central Shahid Minar Prof. Muzaffar Ahmed Chowdhury presided.

Source: Morning News, 4 March '71