A number of foreign airliners arrived in Dacca yesterday to take back the nationals of their respective countries now residing in Dacca, reports ENA.

The airliners are KLM, BOACL and Lufthnsa. A PPI adds: as many as 12 West German aid technicians and their families left Dacca for Bangkok yesterday in a West German Air Force Boeing -707.

The plane is expected to return here today to evacuate more West German nationals.


A Reuter message from London says : members of the British community whose presence in East Pakistan is not essential have been advised to leave by commercial means giving priority to women and chlidren, British officials said here today.

The advice has been given by the British Deputy High Commissioner in Dacca, Mr. Frank Sargeant.

There are about 1,000 members of the British Community in Bangladesh.

These include men, women and children of this total about 400 are in Dacca and the rest in other parts of the province.

A British foreign office spokesman yesterday told reporters that there are no reports of incidents involving injury to United Kingdom nationals.