The East Pakistan Union of Journalists yesterday urged the Government to withdraw all restrictions imposed on the press as it (Union) considered them against the principles of correct and objective reporting, reports APP.

The Executive Council of the Union at its extended emergency meeting held in Dacca yesterday under the presidentship of Mr. Ali Ashraf also decided that the journalists would clearly violate the orders of the managments or the instruction of the Govt. if they created impediment in the way of objective reporting.


The Union expressed its solidarity with the present movement and demanded immediate withdrawal of martial law from the country.

The Executive Council of the Union decided to hold a mass rally on March 6 at Baitul Mukarram and bring out a procession. The meeting expressed "its indignation" at the killing of people who are struggling against the Government.

The journalists also decided that they would boycott all functions of Radio and T.V. if the expression of views and news is continued to be obstructed.

The Union also called upon the people to maintain communal harmony irrespective of language and religion.

The council also demanded the release of Syed Najiullah and Mr. S. Doha on grounds of health.