In response to a call of non-cooperation by Mujib in the event of the Awami League's version not being transmitted in full the Dacca Betar Kendra was off the air during the third transmission on Sunday.

The third transmission of the Dacca Betar Kendra commences at 4-30 P.M. and closes at 11-30 P.M.

The Dacca Betar Kendra had decided to relay Mujib's Race Course rally on Sunday to meet the persistent demands from various quarters.


The decision to relay the Race Course rally was jointly taken by the regional Director and Joint Secretary, Ministry of Information posted in Dacca. Dacca Betar Kendra had announced in their local Bengali news bulletin at 1-30 P.M. yesterday that they will relay the Race Course rally of Awami League. The announcement was repeated at 2-10 P.M. immediately after the news bulletin relayed from Karachi and took the listeners to the race course ground.

But as Mujib arrived late at the Race Course the Dacca Beter Kendra continued with their programme of recorded songs. At 3-20 P.M. when Dacca Beter Kendra was about to relay Mujib's speech the radio officials on duty were told that they cannot broadcast Mujib's speech without the prior approval of the martial law authorities. The radio officials on duty then left the broadcasting house.

The Savar and Mirpur transmission centres also did not work as the people working in these two transmission centres joined the non-cooperation movement.

A hand made bomb was thrown inside the broadcasting house later in the evening according to a police cource. No damage was, however, caused by the explosion.