Complete hartal was observed in Dacca and its suburbs yesterday in response to a call given by Awami League chief Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to protest the postponement of the National Assembly session which was scheduled to commence from March 3. The normal life in the city group to a half as hundreds of thousands of people paraded the main thoroughfares, held angry protest meetings and chanted slogans in favour of establishment of the rights of the people of Bangladesh.


There were no vehicular traffic on the streets. Government officers, mills and factories were all deserted.

A stream of processions went round the city and meetings were held in almost every mohallah. Effigier of Mr. Bhutto were burnt in several meetings held including at Dacca University, Paltan Maidan, Shaheed Park in Muhammadpur and Baitul Mukarram. Mammoth meetings were held at Baitul Makarram, Paltan Maidan and Battala.

A pick-up van of Awami League went round the city, urging the people to maintain complete peace, under the direction of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Incident of looting, arson and ransaking of shops took place at Jinnah Avenue, Baitul Mukarram and Nawabpur. A garment shop, a liquor-shop, a department store were ransaked in Jinnah Avenue area and damage was caused to a number of other shops in several other areas.

A student of Tajgaon Polytecnic School, Aziz Murcsed was brought dead to Dacca Medical College Hospital with reported bullet injury. Five other persons with reported bullet or other injuries were also brought from Tejgoan area. They are Mamun, a student of Tejgoan Polytecnic School, Haroonur Rashid of Islamia High School, Ali Hossain, an industrial labour, Nurun Nabi, a boy of 10 and Chand Mia, according to DMCH report.

Fifty more persons from several areas of the city were reported to have been admitted to the hospital with bullet injuries.

Source: Morning News, 3 March '71