The people of Bangladesh government to resentment against the postponement of the National Assembly session as complete hartal was observed throughout the province for the third day on Thursday.

Awami League had given a call for a six day hartal from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. everyday to protest the postponement of the National Assembly session.

In response to the call given by Mujib for non-cooperation movement the persons manning the telegram section in the Postal Department. did not receive any telegram till 2 p.m. yesterday. They resumed duties after 2 p.m. The trains did not move. There were no domestic PIA flights.


No report of untoward incidents was received from any area of the city. Educational institutions, comercial and trade establishments, factories and marketing centres, government offices remained closed. The telephone operators also did not book any distant calls till 2 p.m.

The vehicular traffic was off the streets till 2 p.m. The bus drivers between Dacca and suburbs also started plying for the first time during the last four days yesterday after the harta hours.

ENA adds : Life did not return to complete normalcy in the provincial metropolis, commercial estublishments remained closed even after the expiry of the hartal period in the afternoon. Touring the various parts of the virtually war-torn metropolitan ENA correspondent observed the signs of a revellious city. Road blocks and barricades raised by the people to obstruct communications are still there. Barricades were being however artially cleared in the afternoon.

The city dwellers are living through and animated suspension prepared to face any eventuality according to the need of the hour.

The Dacca Airport presents the most striking site of the desparate situation in the provincial metropolis. An ENA correspondent tried in vain to visit the airport in the afternoon. He was told that none but those holding tickets would be allowed inside the airport. But no civilian is learnt to have been able to purchase any ticket from the PIA authorities as the AIAC employees are also observing strike. The correspondent found the airport heavily guarded.


When the ENA correspondent went to the airport, Khandokar Mustaq Ahmed, vice president of Awami League also went there to "receive someone." He was also not allowed inside the airport and was obstructed. But subsequently an officer intervened and let him in.

A students rally at central Shaheed Minar was held under the auspices of the East Pakistan Student Union to register their protest against the postponement. The rally presided over by Mr.Nurul Islam, president of the Union was addressed by Begum Matia Chowdhury of the National Awami Party and Mr. Mujahidul Islam Selim, general secretary of EPSU. A blind student who attended the rally also spoke on the occasion.

Curfew lifted in Dacca

The curfew has been lifted from Dacca city with immediate effect.

According to Dacca Betar Kendra (Dacca Radio Station) yesterday evening it has been announced by the authorities that there will be no curfew in Dacca city from yesterday.