Forty-six radio, television and film artistes representing the "Bikkhubudha Shilpi Samaj" yesterday decided to participate in radio and TV programme from March 10 on the condition that the programme must be favourable to people's movement.

In a joint statement, they emphasized the need of transmitting popular and patriotic songs and dramas to keep up the spirit of the people and to inspire them in their struggle for emancipation. They recalled that the artistes had associated this time also with the struggle of the people of Bangla Desh and had been boycotting Radio and TV since March 1.


Expressing their decision to reassociate themselves with the radio and TV. programmes, from tomorrow the artistes, however, assured that in no circumstances they would participate in any programme contrary to the spirit of the present movement or inconsistent with the overall situation obtaining in the country.

They called upon the fellow artistes all over Bangladesh to take active part in the non-violent non-cooperation movement for the realization of people's legitimate rights.

A delegation of the artistes yesterday met Bangabandhu, Mujib and reiterated their full support to him. The statement added that Mujib had endorsed the programme of the artistes.

The signatories are : Abdul Ahad, Samar Das, Dhir Ali, Khadem Hossain, Abed Hossain, Ghulam Mustafa, Hasan Imam, Anwar Rahman, Ali Mansur, etc.