Twenty one artistes in a joint statement issued on Tuesday announced their decision to boycott radio and television programmes so long the people of Bangladesh will be engaged in movements for the establishment of the democratic social order in the country.

The artistes said that although the seven crore people of Bangladesh have given a mandate for six and eleven points, the reactionary forces in the country are trying to sabotage the establishment of a democratic order in the country.


They appealed to all the artistes in the province to join this non-co-operation movement for the realisation of the people's demands.

The signatories to the statement are Laila Arjumand Banu, Afsari Rahman, Atiqul Isalm, Ferdousi Rahman, Mustafa Zaman Abbasi, Ghulam Mustafa, Hasan Imam, Zahedur Rahim, Altaf, Bilquis Nasiruddin, Hamida Atiq, Ajit Roy, Bedaruddin Ahmed, Fazlul Huq, Washedul Hoq, Syed Ahmed Hussain, Abdul Matin, M.A. Hamid and Anjumanara Begum.


APP adds : Meanwhile the artistes from all walks of life at a meeting yesterday decided to boycott all the programmes of Radio and T.V. to register their protest against the postponement of the National Assembly session and the anti-people role of both the organisations.

Presided over by Begum Abbasuddin Ahmed, the meeting was attended by the film artistes, vocalists, staff artistes of Radio and TV. and technicians of the Film Development Corporation.


The meeting also appealed to all artistes to donate blood for the help of those who received injuries during the current movement. The meeting decided to hold a meeting at the Bangla Acadamy on March 6. A procession will also be taken out by the artistes after the meeting.